Digital Goat Bundle 2006
Digital Goat Bundle 2006
Digital Goat Bundle 2006
Digital Goat Bundle 2006

Digital Goat Bundle 2006

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All four Goat magazines; March, June, September, and December for the year 2006.

Includes Goats *only*; Reference Sheets and Modeler's Pages sold separately. Feature articles include:

  • GN "Bruck" restoration at Whitefish MT
  • Kalispell convention recap (many photos)
  • Update on GN steam locomotive 1355 restoration at Sioux City IA
  • Book reviews: "Louis Hill's Business Car - GN A-22"; "Minneapolis and the Age of Railways"; "Jay Cooke's Gamble: the NP, the Sioux and the Panic of 1873"
  • GN and the 1952 Presidential Trip
  • A Day in the Life of a Machinist (Interbay, WA)
  • Doubleheaders on the New Rockford Line
  • Western Star Derailment of Feb 11, 1955 (West Union, MN)
  • King St Station Celebrates 100 Years
  • 2005 Financial Statements
  • Whitefish and the late-1930's GN (Robert Downing)
  • Rail Detector Car X-4
  • The Passenger Wreck that Almost Happened (Hillyard, WA)
  • Scenic Hot Springs (Scenic, WA)
  • Update on GN Covered Bridges in British Columbia

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