GN 40 ft plug/sliding door boxcar 18337

N scale B8 40 foot Plug & Sliding Door steel box car #18337

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N Scale 40-foot plug/sliding door steel boxcar number 18337 - RTR with trucks and magnetic couplers

The car represented by this model is part of a group of 40-foot box cars rebuilt into the plug and sliding door configuration to better serve lumber and plywood shippers in September of 1960.

The experimental Glacier Green paint and lettering scheme applied to this car included a standing caricture of Rocky. Car 18267 was painted in this same scheme at the same time.

The Glacier Green paint scheme became standard on many GN freight cars in 1961. By 1964 these two cars were renumbered to 11834 and 11838 respectively. See GNRHS Reference Sheet 331 for more details.

Prototype photo.