Sponsor Member

Sponsor Member

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Become a Sponsor Member: sign up a friend and receive the GNRHS Sponsor Member pin! We realize that many of you have friends that are just waiting to become members of the GNRHS but just can't be convinced of the benefits. To solve this dilemma your society is now giving you a very simple tool to help those apprehensive friends become real GNRHS believers. You can become a Sponsor Member and purchase their first year membership at a $10 saving!. After their first year the member will be on their own to renew at the regular price. In recognition of you as a Sponsor Member the Membership Officers will present you with a specially designed 'Sponsor Pin'. As with all GNRHS Memberships the Sponsored Member will:
  • Receive 4 Goat Magazine and Reference Sheet packages per year filled with GN prototype information and modeling stories!
  • Receive a colorful yearly GN photo calendar!
  • Enjoy Member Discounts on GNRHS Products!
  • Be able to meet fellow Great Northern fans at our yearly Convention!

Please purchase this Membership separate from any other items.
Please use the Shipping Address form during checkout to enter the information of the person you are sponsoring.