GN Wood Outfit Car #03175 - HO Scale
Bethlehem Car Works

GN Wood Outfit Car #O3175 kit

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GN Wood Outfit Car #O3175 - HO Scale

Up until the early to mid-1950’s, the maintenance cars were painted in the gray scheme with black roofs and lettering and mineral red trucks and under frames. Those that remained on the roster after the mid-1950’s were painted in the mineral red maintenance scheme with white lettering.

The kit. The basis for this laser cut wood kit is a Bethlehem Car Works kit SP-31, Colorado Midland Coach. Ken Middleton rebuilt one of these kits into the GN 03175. He also wrote the instructions as he built the car. This kit includes all the Bethlehem Car Works available parts with a list of Kens suggestions on additional parts that maybe used by the model builder. Includes detail parts and appropriate Maintenance of Way decals. Trucks and couplers to be added by the modeler.

Model and photo courtesy of Ken Middleton.