Digital Bundle - BIOGRAPHICAL
Digital Bundle - BIOGRAPHICAL
Digital Bundle - BIOGRAPHICAL

Digital Bundle - BIOGRAPHICAL

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The following digital reference sheets are included in this bundle:

RS-197 - GN Oldtimer's Stories

RS-218 - J. J. Hill's Retirement Letter to Stockholders

RS-260 - A Boy with Swedish Parental Roots Grows Up Surrounded by the GN

RS-242 - Winold Reiss Biography

RS-243 - GN Historical & Personal Stories

RS-292 - The Character of James J. Hill portrayed by Dr. David Miller

RS-302 - Growing up on the Great Northern

RS-310 - Personal Stories aout GN in Cold Weather

RS-318 - John M. Budd, One of America's Great Railroad Men

RS-348 - The Great Northern I Remember - Locomotive Dept. Mar 1962 - Mar 1970

RS-362 - Dr. Geo. Bird Grinnell, Father of Glacier National Park

RS-363 - Two Guns White Calf

RS-389 - Growing up at Tunnel 1

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