These are items that we wish to call to your attention because they may be out or our main stream offerings or for some other reason.

The Republic Depot in both HO and N scales is a small depot that can be configured as it was in the 1960's, or built with included and backdated front wall, as a small passenger depot that can fit anywhere. It is intended to be a small footprint depot that does not demand a lot of space.

Our USRA box cars are suitable for revenue service from 1919 to about 1960. We offer two car numbers, each with different lettering and logos. This cars were one of a very few groups of GN box cars with fish belly center sills.

A modern "Airslide' covered hopper car in Big Sky Blue colors will brighten up any through freight train, even if you do not model a flour mill or large commercial bakery.

Please consider how you could use them.