DECALS, 60' PLAIN FLAT CAR 160000 to 160009
DECALS, 60' PLAIN FLAT CAR 160000 to 160009

DECALS, 60' PLAIN FLAT CAR 160000 to 160009

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Great Northern supplied bulkhead flat cars for transportation of lumber, plywood, wallboard, aluminum ingots, pipe, pilings, telephone poles, and granite blocks.

These 10 cars were built as 60 foot long plain flat cars of 150,000 pounds capacity by General Steel Industries in 1963. They were equipped with 10” FreightMaster end of car cushion devices. Bulkheads 55’ 5” length between the bulkheads were applied in 1968.

Capacity was 140,000 pounds as bulkhead flats.

Body color was glacier green.

FreightMaster 10” end of car cushion draft gear.

Use Tangent car.

Builders photos from GNRHS Archives. Decals are for plain version of this car.

These superb decals are from the Precision Design Company in Canada. They were developed with information provided by GNRHS member Richard Yaremko.


1968 Freight Car Diagram Book, page D 100 as plain flat cars.

No photo in Scott R. Thompson, Great Northern Equipment Color Pictorial Book 2. Cars identical with series 160010-059.

Photos are of car 160003.