New 40' General Service (drop bottom) gondola cars by InterMountain

These cars by InterMountain fill a hole in our offerings and your roster!

The prototype cars were bought by GN to haul commercial coal from Superior WI to destinations well into Montana. The coal from Superior was 'Pittsburg seam' coal used for both domestic heating and industrial purposes. 

While the Superior coal dock is too large for most of us to model, consignee facilities are not. We offer the Andrew Kolb coal shed from Melrose MN and the Lunde Coal Elevator from Langdon ND, both of which were designed to receive coal from box cars, but later would have received coal loaded into general service gondola cars at Superior. 

These cars also hauled sand, gravel, ore, and in the 1950's and 1960's in Washington, and probably Minnesota, pulp logs loaded crosswise to the car from spurs in the woods to paper mills. 

They are available in six historically correct car numbers. For full details see item description in the store itself.




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