Happy New Year,

As you know, we have discontinued selling hard copies of Goats, Reference Sheets, and Modeler's Pages. All of this information continues to be available in electronic format which is cheaper and quicker for you, and eliminates the need for us to spend volunteer labor hours to do the mailing. It will also make the rented space at Jackson Street Roundhouse used to store physical publications, available to the Archives for their important work. 

In making this change, we found three color cards: Equipment, Frame Structures, and Depots 1965-1970. These have long been available as part of the Reference Sheets they were associated with, but were not clearly identified as color cards. We are pulling the color cards out of the Reference Sheets and now offer them as stand alone hard copy items.

The only hard copy items we now offer are Calendars and Color Cards. Historically we have absorbed the cost of mailing calendars, and that cost varies widely depending on destination. To make these hard copy items available to all, without the Society absorbing higher Canadian and rest of the world mailing costs, we reduced the price of calendars from $9 each to $7 each plus $2 postage. This is no real change to our US customers. Canadian postage is $5, and rest of the world is $10. The intent is to be fair to all by recognizing the different mailing costs we actually incur.

This is the last structural change we expect to make in the store.

Thank you for your interest and support.


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